Going to the Vet? Wait come here first

Going to the Vet? Wait come here first.

We are sometimes the first people to tell you if your pup needs to go to the vet.  We recommend it all the time.  But when your pup as a little stomach upset or cold and diarrhea then maybe you don’t need to go to the vet yet.

The most recommended course of action by vets for stomach upset is Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice.  At The Furry Nation we always carry Precise Foundation canned food in stock.  This food is simple and easy to feed.  The ingredients are: Chicken (Lamb), Chicken Broth (Lamb Broth), Chicken Liver (Lamb Liver), Brown Rice, Oat Bran and Carrots.  The only other ingredient is the vitamin pack to make sure this is a complete balanced diet.

So instead of rushing off to the vet and paying $4 can for Chicken & Rice, come pick up the same product for less than half the price. Many people even feed this food as their pups regular diet.

Remember there are times that the vet is the place you need to go.  If your pup has a fever or has diarrhea for several days or if their gums are dry and sticky then you need to see a vet.


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Where are you located?

We heard it a lot.  With having to move the Lakewood location last year many people have had trouble finding us.  We have worked hard over the Summer to make sure you it’s easy to find us.

So what have we done to help you:

  1. Contacted every brand’s website developer to have them change their store finder information.  Now all of our brands direct you to the correct address
  2. Made sure the phone company didn’t change our phone number so you didn’t have to learn a new one
  3. We’ve put some beautiful large planters out on the front street curb to draw your attention.  Lakewood Hardware gave us this idea because they care for several planters on their side of the street as well.  We think this helps create the local and welcoming atmosphere to Madison Ave that we are working hard to create.
  4. We got our new permanent signs in, finally!  Big beautiful and bold.  Right across the whole front is “The Furry Nation” sign with another sign on the west side of the building directing you to our back parking lot.
  5. We have photos of the front of the building on the website so you know what your looking for ahead of driving down the block.

We hope this helps and we’ll see you soon, at Lakewood and Brecksville.

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Is odor a problem in your home?

Well considering trying our Aroma Paws odor neutralizing candle.  They come in four different scents to calm the odoriferous beasty smells that can permeate our homes.

They are made in beautiful reusable glass jars, made with soy wax which burns cleaner and last much longer then regular wax.

Scents aren’t overpowering either. They don’t mask the smell by adding a giant perfume on top they actually help reduce the smell in the home and add a light present scent.

Get one today


Aroma Paws Odor Neutralizing Candles Display 2.png


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Hagen Back in Stock- 8/24/16

We got a new shipment of Hagen toys, treats and beds.

This includes all of the Zoe and Hagen Heritage treats, All For Pets pillow and bolster beds, Dog It Clean Puppy Pads, and Ultrasonic animal toys.

Plus an extra special add on we have new Heartbeat Lamb.  She has an electronic hearts that quietly beats to soothe your puppy and helps calm anxious pups.

We are still waiting on a new shipment of Hagen’s Tasty Bones nylon bones but got in the Benebone nylon bone brand that also have some new options.

Benebone Nylabone Variety Group.pngBenebone Dental Chew Variety Group.pngHagen All For Paws Beds.pngNew Arrival Hagen Zoe Treats.pngWindow Display All for Paws Beds.png

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Getting down to business

I’ve seen so much of it in our industry lately and it’s probably happening in most other industries as well.  I think it has to do with the Facebook, Twitter social media culture.  People are able to stream out of their fingers what wouldn’t normally come out of their mouths in public.  Or even if it did come out of their mouths the noise doesn’t travel as far. The evil culprit is bad mouthing.  I don’t like it and don’t encourage it in my store and I believe that most other store owners’ don’t like it either however even one employee can manipulate an entire culture of thought.  Sometimes it’s hard to know who the problem is until the problem as gotten way out of hand. I heard it about others, and I heard it about my own store.

Lakewood is a very lucky location for it’s customers.  In just a ten mile radius this community has six small retail supply stores, two big box stores, eleven grooming salons and five veterinary clinics.  Obviously this concentration of places to shop creates vibrant competition and gives the customers access to lots of options for their food, accessories, grooming and health care.  It also can turn ugly and create a space for people who like drama to bad mouth their competition in order to gain a leg up on others.

This is behavior that Lakewood and Rocky River just shouldn’t tolerate.  First off it isn’t necessary to put your neighbor out of business for you to have a good business.  In 2014 Lakewood and Rocky River boasted over 3000 registered dogs with the county registering over 50,000 total.  With the average dog costing an owner $100 per month and calculating that many dogs and cats are not registered our two towns alone spend well over $500,000 a month on our pets. By any calculation, I’m sure that is enough to spread around for everyone.

So next time you hear the bad mouthing. Next time you hear the gossip.  Next time that disgruntled employee or pissed off customer wants to lend your ear, remember that if they want to bad mouth someone to you today, they will do the same about you tomorrow. Below is a list of my neighbors.  They are my competition.  They keep me on my toes, and help me to better educate, you, the community on healthy pet care.  They groom some of the most spoiled pups on the planet and give dignity back to dogs who haven’t had love yet.  They care and treat our healthy and our sick pets.  They all have furry family members of their own and they all want the best for your furry loved one.


The Furry Nation

Pet Smart

Pet Supplies Plus


Pet’s General Store

Style Mutt Boutique

Trendi Paws



Bubbles & Bows

Cuddles Canine Spa

The Furry Nation

Paws & Effect

Pretty Coat Junction

Pet’s General Store

Style Mutt Boutique



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Lotus Pet Foods

           Are you looking for a new food? Something that’s a cut above the rest? From a company that cares about your pet and makes only the best? Well then you need to take a closer look at Lotus Pet Foods.  Started in California, Lotus has almost twenty five years experience making the best baked kibble on the market. That’s right, this is food is baked just like you would make, only in a bigger oven.

Most foods on the market are made with high pressure heat steamed extrusion. This process can lose as much as 40% of the vitamins and minerals and 20% of the protein that it started with.  Lotus is mixed together, pressed into pellets on a baking sheet and then cooked in an oven.  You can even see grill marks on some of the kibble pieces. This process of slow cooking takes three times longer but creates a kibble that is much more nutrient dense (although it’s still lighter then your regular kibble) and retains almost 100% of it’s nutrients because the steam hasn’t carried anything away.

Each and every ingredient is carefully thought out and chosen to create a diet that is complete for your dog and cat.  Lotus’ oils are made from three different sources to provide the correct amount of omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids.  These acids are necessary for proper brain function and they support healthy skin & coat.

The Furry Nation worked for almost a year and a half on helping Lotus gain a distributor in the Ohio market because we knew how wonderful this pet food is, and how deserving the Cleveland pet lover is to have access to this food.

Whether you feed just dry, dry and wet combination or solely wet food, we highly recommend you trying this food out today.  Oh- and one of the best things about Lotus.  Every diet comes in regular kibble size and small bites sizes to complement all of all tiny dogs little mouths.

Through the end of August you can switch to Lotus from your regular food and get the first bag for 10% off.  You will not be disappointed. That’s guaranteed!

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New Product News: 8/22/16

New Product News 5.png

Cycle Dog Fuzzies Soft Dog Toys


  1. Soft on doggie teeth & gums, tough enough for extended play sessions!
  2. Made in USA From Post-Consumer Recycled Materials
  3. Duraplush Outer Material – 2 Ply Bonded Laminate.  Soft Yet Strong!
  4. Stitchguard – Double Stitched Turned Seams
  5. Certified safe
  6. Several different styles: Animals, Frisbees, and Tug toys


Canine Friendly Soft Muzzles


  1. Soft style muzzles
  2. Short snout and regular snout styles in 7 sizes
  3. Bright orange or quiet grey colors
  4. Mesh face around eyes


Blackwood Dry Dog Food: Lamb & Rice


  1. Made in Ohio by family owned company
  2. 24% protein
  3. 1st ingredient is Lamb Meal
  4. Easy on the digestion with pre and probiotics already added in
  5. Blackwood supports our police and military K9s with free food!
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