Itching Dogs and Grooming

The number one reason dogs go to the vet is for itchy skin problems.  This is also the number one signal for me that there may be an allergy issue, an environmental toxin or missing nutrition.

Lucky for me, as a nutritionist for pets, most of the issues that I deal with can be solved relatively easily.  When I customer of mine has itchy skin I always recommend an analysis of the food and a good grooming.  Lots of people are confused by the grooming recommendation.  As we often are told, if our skin in dry, flaky and itchy then a bath will make it worse.  That is not always the case at all.  A bath and groom with herbal remedies can actually help to soothe the skin.  Think of it this way.  A diet change helps from the inside and a bath helps from the outside.

However, not all baths and not all shampoos and conditioners are the same.  Just as with the human market you can purchase products full of chemicals and you can purchase products that are holistic helpful and natural.  In our salon we strive the have product that help to nourish the skin and coat, keep proper ph balance and heal wounds, stars and eliminate over produced yeast and bacteria.

I have tried a bunch of products.  The big sellers that claim to be herbal and organic generally aren’t.  They tell you your dog will smell tropical and will be clean but actually the ingredients are no better than the “big celebrity named shampoos” with chemicals and sulphates.

I have chosen to go with a couple of companies that work hard to produce only the best for your pet.  Remember that you don’t need to ph balance an ingredient like aloe vera.  It doesn’t force a ph change like a chemically produced fragrance does. These natural ingredients will soothe, heal and scent your pet naturally and will last longer than the chemicals do.

So when you go to the salon with your dog, demand only the best.  If the salon doesn’t carry natural products insist that they use the shampoo and conditioner your provide them.  If they won’t then find another salon.


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Back in Stock: FINALLY 9/2/16

Finally we got Tuscan Naturals Ocean Extreme back in stock.



Tuscan Naturals has been in our store for almost two years now.  When they first came into the market we already knew what a quality product this was and how great the company is so it was a no brainer to add this to our growing product lines.

More abut Olive Oil:

Like magic, olive oil actually promotes protein absorption. That means your pet is getting much more out of every bite. In scientific terms, it actually increases pancreatic enzymes, giving your pets the ability to access and use more of the nutrients and protein in their food. This results in a far better metabolism and an impressive increase in energy.

Olive oil also serves as an essential source of antioxidants, reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes. Add to that, it’s so darn delicious; pets go absolutely bananas for it!

An incredible full 15oz bottle in every 30lb bag!


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Back in Stock- 09/01/2016

Two brands of treats are back in stock!

Choovio Jerky dog treats: all 14 flavors.  Remember The Furry Nation brought this treat to you first and we are the only store that carries all 14 flavors. Made right here in Brooklyn Heights, purchasing Choovio helps grow Cleveland’s manufacturing community and supports local business.

Ingredients: Meat(varies depending on flavor), Fish oil, Glycerin, Molasses, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols, Hickory Powder

Those are the ingredients of all the flavors.  Simple, easy to feed as a whole strip jerky or cut apart for training treats.  Your dogs will love these! Guaranteed

Polkadog Bakery Fish strips and Duck training treats:

Fresh from the Boston harbor Polkadog Bakery first came to Cleveland when we found these treats at Global Pet Expo in March.  The cod and haddock skins were an instant hit.  They are made with- cod and haddock skins.  That’s it!

Polkadog Bakery also makes a Sfizi’s treat.  Sfizi’s means to satisfy a craving.  And these do.  Great training treats in a pocket sized package that you can slip right into your pocket for no mess training while you are out walking.  These come in chicken and grain free duck flavors and your dog will be doing tricks everywhere for these treats!


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New Product Alert

Another new product has come into the store today.  We just had Wild Meadow Farms Gibson”s Dog Treats arrive.  They look exactly like bacon without the grease!

And they clearly taste like bacon too.  The dogs that have been in the store are loving them.

We have three flavors right now, Bacon, Turkey and Chicken.

Come by today and try them.  We have samples in both stores or if your ordering online, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Gibson's Dog Treats Variety Group 3oz.png

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Going to the Vet? Wait come here first

Going to the Vet? Wait come here first.

We are sometimes the first people to tell you if your pup needs to go to the vet.  We recommend it all the time.  But when your pup as a little stomach upset or cold and diarrhea then maybe you don’t need to go to the vet yet.

The most recommended course of action by vets for stomach upset is Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice.  At The Furry Nation we always carry Precise Foundation canned food in stock.  This food is simple and easy to feed.  The ingredients are: Chicken (Lamb), Chicken Broth (Lamb Broth), Chicken Liver (Lamb Liver), Brown Rice, Oat Bran and Carrots.  The only other ingredient is the vitamin pack to make sure this is a complete balanced diet.

So instead of rushing off to the vet and paying $4 can for Chicken & Rice, come pick up the same product for less than half the price. Many people even feed this food as their pups regular diet.

Remember there are times that the vet is the place you need to go.  If your pup has a fever or has diarrhea for several days or if their gums are dry and sticky then you need to see a vet.


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Where are you located?

We heard it a lot.  With having to move the Lakewood location last year many people have had trouble finding us.  We have worked hard over the Summer to make sure you it’s easy to find us.

So what have we done to help you:

  1. Contacted every brand’s website developer to have them change their store finder information.  Now all of our brands direct you to the correct address
  2. Made sure the phone company didn’t change our phone number so you didn’t have to learn a new one
  3. We’ve put some beautiful large planters out on the front street curb to draw your attention.  Lakewood Hardware gave us this idea because they care for several planters on their side of the street as well.  We think this helps create the local and welcoming atmosphere to Madison Ave that we are working hard to create.
  4. We got our new permanent signs in, finally!  Big beautiful and bold.  Right across the whole front is “The Furry Nation” sign with another sign on the west side of the building directing you to our back parking lot.
  5. We have photos of the front of the building on the website so you know what your looking for ahead of driving down the block.

We hope this helps and we’ll see you soon, at Lakewood and Brecksville.

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Is odor a problem in your home?

Well considering trying our Aroma Paws odor neutralizing candle.  They come in four different scents to calm the odoriferous beasty smells that can permeate our homes.

They are made in beautiful reusable glass jars, made with soy wax which burns cleaner and last much longer then regular wax.

Scents aren’t overpowering either. They don’t mask the smell by adding a giant perfume on top they actually help reduce the smell in the home and add a light present scent.

Get one today


Aroma Paws Odor Neutralizing Candles Display 2.png


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